Complete guide to launching a successful beauty salon in Dubai: steps, compliance, and triumph

Nov 11, 2023

 The beauty industry has consistently held a pivotal role in our society, especially in cosmopolitan hubs such as New York, Paris, Moscow, and Dubai. This article delves into the essential steps for establishing a thriving beauty salon in Dubai, addressing common queries regarding business structures, required certifications, and compliance with regulations.

Steps to Open a Beauty Salon in Dubai

1.Initial Approval

Apply for the relevant license from the DED and secure validation from the Dubai municipality.

2.Trade Name Selection

Carefully choose and reserve a distinctive brand name that aligns with UAE regulations and resonates with potential clients.

3.Ejari Lease Agreement

Locate a strategic commercial space, finalize a lease agreement (Ejari), emphasizing the critical role of your salon's location.

4.Final Approval

Obtain all necessary approvals, acquire your license, and seamlessly transition to the subsequent phase.

5.Company Registration

Register your company after meticulously preparing all requisite documents, leveraging our dedicated team for remote management, enabling you to focus on your salon's strategic growth.

Permissible Aesthetic Procedures in the Salon

Typically, the license covers non-invasive aesthetic procedures. For invasive or semi-invasive procedures (laser treatments, tattoos, botox, etc.), approval from the UAE health authority is mandatory, supported by a demonstration of requisite skills.

Compliance with Salon Regulations

 The initiation of a beauty salon necessitates strict adherence to hygiene, location, and other specific professional standards.

Post-Opening Regulations

Beyond the salon's opening, ensure compliance with taxation, accounting norms, and labor laws, including the maintenance of meticulous audited accounts, annual result declarations, adherence to VAT rules, and customs duties for product imports.


The beauty industry will undeniably continue to wield substantial influence in our current society. Owning a beauty salon in Dubai can promise substantial success, contingent upon remaining vigilant regarding prevailing standards and obligations.

Our dedicated team stands ready to guide you throughout the entire process of establishing your beauty salon in Dubai.

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