The Dubai business forum: A must-attend gathering for business

Nov 09, 2023

November 1st and 2nd, 2023, marked one of the most significant events of the year for the business world: the Dubai Business Forum.

This prestigious event hosted renowned businessmen and CEOs of the most influential companies. Among the speakers were prominent figures such as the President of the European Central Bank, the leader of Mastercard, the CEO of Oneness Labs, the Vice President of MENA Amazon, and top executives from Google, to name just a few.


Exploring Current Technological Trends 

Discussions at the Forum revolved around the most current technological trends, including blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, and many other exciting subjects. 

One of the key points of reflection was the impact of artificial intelligence on the traditional work model. Speakers pondered how this would influence recruitment processes, equality of opportunities, and resource availability.

The Rapid Expansion and Development of Dubai and the Emirates

The lightning-fast pace of development in Dubai and the other Emirates impressed global leaders. The tourism, industry, commerce, and business sectors are continually adapting to provide a favorable ecosystem for business development.

The Dubai Business Forum serves as a dynamic platform that encourages engagement with key stakeholders and accelerates trade and investment growth. This event aligns perfectly with the strategic objectives of Dubai's chambers of commerce, aiming to attract international businesses and investments to the emirate, support the global expansion of businesses based in Dubai into targeted markets, and improve Dubai's favorable business environment.

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