Residence Visa

Find out about the many residence visas for expats in Dubai!

Whether you are a professional looking for employment opportunities, an ambitious entrepreneur or a student wishing to continue your studies in this cosmopolitan city, Dubai has a solution for you.

The P.I.C. team, which specialises in visa applications for the UAE, will guide you through all the steps involved in choosing the right visa for your specific needs and objectives.

We put our in-depth knowledge of the UAE immigration system at your disposal to guide you efficiently through the process, ensuring a smooth and well-informed path to your residence visa.

What's more, we'll help you gain easy access to healthcare or banking services to ensure a smooth integration, making you feel at home from day one.

Here is the list of visas for the United Arab Emirates:

Residence visas for professionals:
If you have a job offer in Dubai, the residence visa for employment is for you. Your employer will sponsor you and guide you through the process.

Residence visas for entrepreneurs and investors:
Do you want to set up or invest in a business in Dubai? The investor residency visa opens the doors for you to realise your business plans.

Resident visas for students:

If you dream of studying in Dubai, the student residency visa will allow you to join recognised educational institutions.

Freelance visa:

For independent professionals, the Freelance visa offers complete freedom to work on a variety of projects.

Golden Visa :

An opportunity reserved for exceptional talent and highly qualified investors to obtain long-term residency.
Whatever your objective, obtaining a residence visa in Dubai is a crucial step in bringing your project to fruition.