Complete guide to launching an E-commerce business in Dubai

Nov 14, 2023

Dubai, renowned for its economic dynamism and commercial appeal, is an ideal destination to kickstart an e-commerce enterprise. With its cultural diversity and an inclination towards innovative technologies, Dubai offers a conducive environment for entrepreneurs venturing into the online commerce sector.

Why start an E-commerce business in Dubai ?

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, the world witnessed a significant shift in work practices, favoring remote work setups and accelerating the transition to online businesses. This change prompted numerous traditional stores to close their doors and shift towards e-commerce, providing access to broader markets and cost reductions. Starting an e-commerce business in Dubai offers advantages such as favorable taxation, lower VAT, and reduced administrative obligations.

What type of E-commerce business in Dubai?

The choice between a Freezone or Mainland company depends on the adopted strategy and the targeted audience, whether local or international. In any case, even for a Freezone company, the necessity of finding a local distributor for delivering products to local customers should be considered.

Steps to open your E-commerce business in Dubai 

The process of opening an e-commerce business involves several steps: reserving the trade name, registering the company, obtaining necessary approvals, and securing your establishment card, equivalent to an identity document for the company. Our experts can handle these steps 100%, even if you're not physically present in the United Arab Emirates. 

Tax obligations for an E-commerce business in Dubai

The primary objective of an e-commerce business is to deliver products to different countries, each with its specific regulations for medical, cosmetic, food products, etc. Moreover, sales-related taxes such as VAT or sales taxes in the United States might apply. Identify the incoterm matching your products and appoint a customs representative and/or a tax representative for compliance.

Managing your E-commerce business in Dubai

All businesses in the UAE must adhere to local regulations concerning accounting, VAT, and annual declarations.

Manage your e-commerce business in another country, from Dubai

Many consider establishing their business in another country while benefiting from the favorable taxation in the UAE. With careful management and quality guidance, managing your business, for instance, from the United States (a fiscally transparent company), can result in a 0% tax imposition for an associate who is a tax-resident in the UAE.

However, this must be carefully arranged to avoid any risk of tax requalification. 

Our team of experts can guide you through each step of this process, providing quality advice to open your e-commerce business in Dubai.

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