Guide to registering a trademark in Dubai: essential steps and key insights

Jan 03, 2024

Dubai, as a thriving international commercial hub, attracts numerous businesses aiming to secure their intellectual property rights in this dynamic region. Registering a trademark in Dubai can be crucial in validating your concept, safeguarding your brand identity, and expanding its reach across the UAE.

Understanding trademark protection in Dubai

Trademark protection in Dubai falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy and the Office of Intellectual Property (OPI), in compliance with the Federal Law on Trademarks in the United Arab Emirates. 

Checking trademark availability

Conduct a comprehensive search to confirm the availability of your trademark in Dubai. Adhere to specific guidelines, including the use of the business structure acronym, no breach of public morals or order, and alignment with the required business activity and legal status.

Preparation and submission of trademark application

Submit your application digitally to the Ministry of Economy. Ensure all necessary information is provided for a swift acceptance.

Processing by the ministry of economy 

The Ministry will meticulously review your application for compliance and distinctiveness. Approval is typically expected within 30 days. Present a complete dossier to avoid initial rejection.

Publication in legal announcements 

Upon approval, publish an announcement in a legal gazette and two Arabic newspapers. Third parties have a 30-day window to contest the trademark after publication.

Certificate of registration

If no disputes arise after 30 days, the Ministry will issue a trademark registration certificate for Dubai. This document contains crucial details such as the registration number, business name, owner's details, and a description of related products and services. 

Remember, a trademark registered in Dubai is valid for 10 years and can be renewed. However, this protection is confined to the seven (7) Emirates and does not extend internationally. 


Registering a trademark in Dubai is pivotal in safeguarding your intellectual property. Follow these steps with the assistance of our specialized team to bolster your position in Dubai's market and safeguard your rights in compliance with the law.

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