Explore the Golden visa in the United Arab Emirates: a long-term residence and investment opportunity

Dec 31, 2023

The United Arab Emirates has long been a prime destination for expatriates seeking new career prospects and an exceptional quality of life. Recently, the country has introduced an exclusive and highly sought-after visa program known as the "Golden Visa," offering significant advantages to those looking to settle and invest in this prosperous nation. 

What is the Golden Visa ? 

The Golden Visa is an extended residence visa granted to investors, entrepreneurs, highly skilled professionals, and their families. It permits an extended stay in the United Arab Emirates for 5 or 10 years, renewable, and comes with a range of attractive benefits.

Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify for the Golden Visa, different criteria must be met based on the application categories:

  • Investors: A real estate investment of at least 2 million dirhams is required for residency eligibility.
  • Entrepreneurs: Creating a business with a minimum annual turnover of 1 million dirhams is necessary for this category.
  • Highly Skilled Professionals: Specialists in medicine, law, engineering, science, and research, as well as holders of a doctorate or exceptional expertise, can also apply by meeting specific criteria.

Conditions for this category:

  • Having an employment contract in the UAE.
  • Being classified in the first or second professional level according to MoHRE.
  • Holding at least a professional license.
  • Monthly salary of at least AED 30,000 (for a duration of 6 months at the time of application).
  • Promising Students: Students with an average score of 95% or higher, along with graduates with a GPA of 3.75 out of 4 or higher from a recognized foreign university, may also be eligible for the Golden Visa.

Benefits of the Golden Visa:

  • Long-Term Residence: Enjoy an extended residency period of 5 to 10 years, depending on the type of visa obtained.

  • Access to Services: Gain access to healthcare, education, and similar services offered to Emirati citizens.

  • Freedom of Movement: This visa allows for multiple entries and exits, providing unrestricted freedom of movement.

  • Investment Opportunities: Explore investment prospects, establish businesses, and engage in economic activities in the United Arab Emirates.


The Golden Visa represents an exceptional opportunity for investors, entrepreneurs, highly skilled professionals, and promising students. This program not only offers long-term residential stability but also access to an environment conducive to personal and professional development. With its appealing advantages, the Golden Visa attracts talents and investors worldwide to the United Arab Emirates, solidifying its position as a global hub for business and innovation.

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