Setting up a company in Dubai: complete guide

May 20, 2024

Dubai, the pearl of the Middle East, attracts more and more entrepreneurs and investors from around the world thanks to its advantageous tax environment, world-class infrastructure, and dynamic economy. Setting up a company in Dubai can be a lucrative venture, but it requires good preparation and knowledge of local procedures. Here is a complete guide to help you navigate this process.

  1. The advantages of setting up a company in Dubai

Setting up a company in Dubai offers numerous advantages:

  • Advantageous taxation: Dubai has one of the most favorable tax systems in the world. Corporate tax in free zones is 0%. In the mainland, the tax is only 9%. Additionally, there are no social or employer contributions when you decide to hire employees.
  • Business-friendly environment: Simplified registration processes, a favorable legal framework, and a pro-business government facilitate business operations.
  • Freezones specialized in new technologies: Dubai offers regulations for new technologies, including web3, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, and more. 

  1. Key considerations when setting up your company in Dubai

Before setting up your company, you need to consider several elements:

  • Company structure: As previously mentioned, there are two main types of business structures in Dubai: Freezone or Mainland. Freezone companies are more suited for B2B activities and activities aimed at markets outside the country. A holding company can also be established in a Freezone. Mainland companies are best suited for B2C activities that require a fixed location (e.g., retail stores, restaurants, gyms).
  • Company location: Your company can be set up in Dubai or another Emirate. Sometimes, for specific and practical reasons, the company needs to be established in the Emirate where you plan to develop your business.
  • Ownership chain: Your company can be directly owned by an individual or through another company as a subsidiary. The tax and legal aspects should be analyzed to make the most optimal decision.
  • Office requirement: When setting up a Freezone company, renting an office is not always necessary. However, if your business requires an office, consider creating your company in a Freezone that offers an address that meets your needs.

  1. Time required to set up a company in Dubai 

In Dubai, the timeframe for setting up a company is very short. Depending on the type of company and the chosen Freezone, the process can take from 24 to 72 hours. You can set up your company remotely, without needing to travel to the United Arab Emirates.

Setting up a company in Dubai offers numerous advantages, but it is crucial to understand the different available structures and local requirements. By following the steps above and surrounding yourself with competent advisors, you can successfully navigate the process of establishing your business in this dynamic and prosperous city.

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